PhichitProvincial Livestock Office’s missions and duties are based on new framework of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives which has been categorized in the field of manufacturing development with the major duty related to research and development of technology transfer, development of basic agricutural structure, management, assistance expanded to the agriculturists both in term of commercial competition and sufficient economic living to create the stability to the manufactures and living quality to the consumers.

Duties and Responsibilities 

1.PhichitProvincial Livestock Office has arrange its business under the Acts as following and other related laws.

   1) Epidemiology Act
   2) Veterinary Practice Control Act
   3) Feed Quality Control Act
   4) Veterinary Clinics Act
   5) Rabies Act

2.To product and procure biological supplies, pharmaceutical supplies for using in prevention and suppression animal diseases including sperm production and provision for artificial insemination.
3.Improve and transfer embryo, animal health and treatment including livestock processing product.
4.To promote agriculturists to domesticate the animal that is important to the economic of the country.
5.To control the quality of meat, meat product to achieve the international standard.
6.To carry on orther work prescribed by laws as the duties of the department or as assigned by the ministry or the cabinet.

                PhichitProvincial Livestock Office have the duties to supervise, oversee control and prevent the animal disease, control the standard of livestock product, transfer technogy to the agricuturists, animal medical care services, vaccination, mobile agricultural clinic, cow-buffalo bank and provision fo assistance to the agriculturists who have been suffered from natural disaster to suspend payment of debt.